ESTIKO that so far has been operating in the field of industry extended its economic activities to the real estate sector at the beginning of the 90s. A significant part of real estate activities of ESTIKO took place at the beginning of the 90s in Tartu on the registered immovable of Tehase-Teguri Street, 85% of the tenant area of which, or more than 16 thousand square metres, is now at the disposal of AS ESTIKO-PLASTAR, a production company of ESTIKO Group, which is the leading manufacturer of packages and packaging materials in the Baltic region.

At the same time, ESTIKO started entering the trading and office premises rent market. In 2002, we opened the first shopping centre in a thoroughly renovated E-Kaubamaja in Tartu dedicated to furniture and interior design accessories – Sisustus E Kaubamaja.

In 2001, Emajõe Kaubahall in the centre of Tartu in Küüni Street was the first one that was redesigned by ESTIKO. There are Ristiisa Pub (Godfather’s Pub) and Seppälä operating in Tartu from that time, for example. After the reconstruction works performed in 2006, there is one of the most popular nightclubs of Tartu in Emajõe Kaubahall – Maasikas (Strawberry).

The completion of a 14-storey office building of Emajõe Ärikeskus in 1998 in the centre of Tartu caused many controversial opinions, the building being clearly ahead of its time evidenced by fierce views for and against the 14 storeys of Emajõe Ärikeskus. Until then, no one had built such a high building in Tartu. The developer must be ahead of his time, as we can declare today when the office building of Emajõe Ärikeskus that was quickly named Plasku (flask) due to its resemblance has become one of the symbols of the city of Tartu.

ESTIKO’s real estate development activities in the neighbourhood of Emajõe Ärikeskus continued with opening of the new building of Tartu Bus Station in 2004. Dorpat Hotel and Dorpat SPA were completed in 2007, Dorpat Convention Centre and Tasku centre were opened in 2008 forming a 55 thousand square metre size building complex in the centre of Tartu.

Tartu City Government assigned two certificates of honour to Tasku fashion and leisure centre:

„Event of the year 2008“

„The best building 2008“