Tehase str 16, Tartu 50107, ESTONIA 
Estiko-Plastar – the flagship of Estiko – is one of the leading film packaging manufacturers in the Baltics, the market leader in Estonia and the holder of a significant market share in other Baltic states. The company exports around 60% of its production to neighbouring countries and constantly works on increasing its export.

Today the company that started in 1918 as a comb factory has 100 years of history and the largest technology park in Estonia; it is the leading producer of packaging materials in the Baltics and competes successfully in the Scandinavian, Russian, Irish and other foreign markets.  

Years of experience, also constantly staying up-to-date with what is happening in the world’s packaging market and continuous investments in its staff, technology and product development make Estiko-Plastar a professional, flexible and trustworthy employer and cooperation partner both in the local and international market.
Tehase 16, Tartu 50107

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