Greete motel

Soontaga, Tõrva municipality, Valga county, ESTONIA
Greete motel – the largest log-house in Estonia, located close to the Kada lake near Little Emajõgi was completed in 2006. Architect Vilmar Lill.

The front of the motel features a large open parking lot that provides a breath-taking view of the combination of eye-catching glass, round logs and nature as well as the projecting beam made of a 230-year-old pine tree.

The facility is ideal for family and business events, work and fun. Greete motel offers delicious food, unique rooms, a conference room, a sports ground, a sauna and excellent service.

It can also be reached by waterway, providing an enchanting view of the back of the building from Little Emajõgi.

Anu Kübar
Grete Mark
sales manager