The Comb Factory Event Centre

Teguri 26, Teguri 28A, Tartu 50107, ESTONIA

The Comb Factory event centre consists of two buildings located on the same street – the Comb Factory clubhouse at Teguri 26 and the Comb Factory production building at Teguri 28A.

Tartu Comb Factory’s clubhouse was completed in 1959. It was a well-known gym as well as a place for parties, concerts and hobby groups for employees’ children. From 1975 to 1985, Tartu Plastic Products Experimental Factory’s (today Estiko-Plastar) café-club Vikero operated in the building.

The clubhouse was renovated for the 100th anniversary of Estiko and has been open since September 2018. There are two halls on the two floors of the building, accommodating close to 400 people depending on the type of event you wish to organise.
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The former production building at Teguri 28A houses a unique (old) car collection and 1,900 square meters of the former production space have been adapted for events. So far Tartu was lacking in very large industrial style premises and, similarly to the popular Creative Hub in Tallinn, Southern Estonia now has the factory building of the Comb Factory. Accommodating up to 1,500 people, it is an ideal place for receptions, concerts as well as fairs. Get in touch and let’s have a look the space together!

Kätriin Seli
Tartu Kammivabrik Event Centre, manager